FRM part II review (Nov 2017, Singapore)

I was busy with mugging for the FRM part 2 exams as well as a semester of undergraduate studies and an internship and hence was not able to post for a while back. At last, exams are over and below is my general comments on the FRM part II exams which I posted in BionicTurtle... Continue Reading →


Struggles of a real time experiment: Reflecting on a losing trade

Yesterday, I was short AUDUSD ahead of the Lowe's speech. Yet did I expect that the Fed's non-meeting FOMC created large shift in positioning in TYU7 and therefore the real rates TIPS or inflation expectation expressed from the YTM curve. Along with those who are shorting US bonds given "relatively soon" QT and higher YTM... Continue Reading →

FRM part I review (May 2017, Singapore)

Finally, after weeks of intensive¬†study of financial concepts from a non-finance major undergraduate, I managed to get through this. Why FRM, not CFA? If you take a look at the FRM 2017 learning objectives, you will realise that GARP does not make reference to books from CFA (the exam provider¬†herself) but references authors who are... Continue Reading →

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